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BUNDLE: Flowering Tea Blooms and Teapot

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These flowering compositions not only taste amazing but thanks to the 100% natural herbs packed with antioxidants, they will also help settle your nervous system and relax your digestive system. Whether you're stressed or tense, our tea blooms will offer your soul harmony through their amazing visual charm. Prepare to immerse yourself or a loved one in awe, as the beautiful, tasty tea blossoms begin to unravel before your eyes. You will feel as if you are sitting in the fragrant garden where our fragrant flowers are handpicked.

A selection of 18 hand-wrapped dragon pearl tea blooms with 9 purely delightful flavors including 2 rose petal tea blooms, 2 rosebud tea blooms, hibiscus, 2 yellow chrysanthemum tea blooms, 2 calendula tea blooms, 2 honey flower tea blooms, and 2 white jasmine tea blooms.

Each Tea Bloom contains 0.3oz flowering tea which is perfect for a 33 oz clear teapot. (You can cut the tea bloom into half), if you want to brew it in the 12oz cup)

This bundle will come with a handcrafted 1-liter teapot which is perfect for this tea. They are made out of medical-grade borosilicate glass that is safe for use with hot water. It is also lead-free and guaranteed for life against clouding.

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