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Silvered Yellow Rose Petal Teacup, Blue Ceramic


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Blue ceramic is a Chinese traditional ceramic which has more than 500 years history. The cobaltous oxide and iron oxide were added into the glaze then burned in the kiln with 1400 Celsius Degree at one time. The surface of this Gaiwan is pure blue, smooth and bright. If you look at this Gaiwan under the sunshine, the brightness can be compared with diamond. The yellow rose petal is hand painted. The bottom of the teacup is silvered, which makes this tea cup more collectible and valuable. Using traditional ink painting technique, the half opened-petal handpainted on the tea cup wmakes this Gaiwan very refreshing, special and elegant. 


Diameter: 1.18 inch

Height: 1.96 inch

Capacity: 50 ml

Place of Production: Dehua, Fujian. 

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