Gold Imperial Chrysanthemum

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  • PURE, HAND PICKED AND HIGH QUALITY- Grown on the Huang Shan mountain, the imperial chrysanthemum was hand-picked during blossom season. To keep the elegant full blossom and original aroma, they were dried in low-temperature right after been freshly picked. 
  • BREW IT AND DRINK EVERYWHERE-Perfect for the hot, cold and special drink. When been put into hit water, you can witness the elegant coloration and full blossom chrysanthemum inside your teapot. The petals can expand to 4-5 inches with great fragrance. The beautiful blossom with the nice fragrance will refresh your mind and make you feel relaxing while impressing your guests.  
  • INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE AND GIFT BOX- Picked and sealed at the peak of freshness. each dragon pearl is wrapped individually in the gift box to protect its freshness. none artificial color and preservatives were added. 

What is in Your Cup

The Gold Imperial Chrysanthemums we use are originally from Xiushui County, Jiangxi Province, China where can grow the best king chrysanthemum since the 12th century. Although other places in China also have the long history of growing gold chrysanthemum, they are not able to grow such big and full petals and flowers. plantation is located in the deep mountain area and faraway from the city. In Chinese medicine, Gold King Chrysanthemum is traditionally used to detox and support a healthy liver*.

Drinking Guide 

This tea boom is perfect for a clear 18 oz teapot. It takes 4 steps to brew a perfect pot of tea boom. First, put the tea boom in the empty teapot. Second, fill the pot with 12 oz of boilded water. Third, wait for 3 to 5 minutes to see the full bloom of the flower tea. Four, enjoy^^. 




1 pearl, 12 oz of boiled water


3-5 minutes and full bloom


Enjoy ^^

We recommend increasing the steep time 15 seconds or so for each steep. Adjust the time using your own preference of tea strength.

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