Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony

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The practice of gong fu cha has been handed down from generation to generation as a method to strength one's mind and bond through tea. 

Using slow precious movements and timing, the tea master will perform numerous tea serving techniques that involve similar movements found in tai chi.  These slowly calculated movements are there to calm the mind and also provide a sense of relaxation to the guests that are equally a part of the experience. 


Each session is 1 hour which includes 30 minutes of performance and serving with 30 minutes of setup and breakdown.  

15 minutes will begin with the setup of the gong fu cha special table, layout of tea pets and tools, and finally the cleaning and warming of the tea accessories.

30 minutes will be devoted to the actual serving of tea.

15 minutes will conclude the ceremony with all tea accessories returned to the gong fu cha table to be cleaned and put away.


We are proud to welcome in 2020 with our first official location in Rockville, MD.  You will have the option to choose our location or we can come to you. 


1 to 2 people is $150.00/hr

Each additional person is $25.00 with a maximum of 6 people total.

Offsite ceremony will incur a travel expense fee depending on the distance or a minimum fee of $50.00.